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Is affiliate marketing a scam??

You know,  I have been dabaling in this realm for a while now, all the way back to a guy named Don Lapre!  Yeah, remember him??  Placing small Ads in Newspapers and 1-800 numbers was his claim to fame.  Right around that time I got my first home PC computer and got on the internet.  I think this was probably 1995-96 and I thought lots of people are going to make a lot of money.

Fast forward to today and the difference is that the internet and our capabilities within it are so much much better.  Russell Brunson and Clickfunnels has exploded onto the scene, combine that with the knowledge of people like Kevin David and Dan Lok and other amazing Youtube type personalities and suddenly you realize the power of what is at your fingertips.

I have put together a small list of very valuable resources for you all.  These are my affiliate links so I do make a commission on them BUT the point is that if it works for me it can work for YOU!

If you follow this link, you will have everything you need to take your business to the next level.


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There are quite numerous ways through which one can legitimately earn money online with little or no investment. Note that this will require your dedication, commitment and time. It is easy to earn money online these days but this is not about “getting rich quick”. It is about working hard and working your way through.

Most of the ways through which one can legitimately earn money online requires perseverance and patience. You can easily make money online if you are determined to, provided you follow the right channel and put the right attitude towards it. 

Before I reveal the two great ways you can make money online, I want to quickly brief you on how you can develop the right attitude towards this for you to achieve a better result. 

Be consistent: – yes you can easily make money online. But that is possible if you take it with a serious mind and having a solid understanding that you are surrounded by competitors means that you are expected to invest total seriousness in whatsoever you want to do.

Employ total professionalism: – if you want to earn money online from home while at the comfort of your room, you must display maximum professionalism. Being organized and professional will give you an edge over your fellow competitors.

Below are the 2 great ways to make money online


Blogging is one of the great ways you can earn money online but it is not one of those get “get rich quick schemes”, it requires patience and discipline. It might take you a few months to build your brand and create the appropriate awareness that could bring traffic to your site. Congesting your site with high traffic is the first step to making money via blogging. Once you have attained this peak, then here is how you can generate funds from it.

By affiliation: – this involves promoting different products and getting paid for it. We have many affiliate networks that grant you access to promote people’s product and services. All you need to do is to place the link that leads to these products on your site and you will get paid as your visitors purchase the products by clicking on the link. You will need good traffic to earn well from this.

Signing up for an advertisement: – you can advertise products on your site. Register with some reputable companies like Google AdSense among others to have some ads running on your site. Your income might not be encouraging if your traffic is low. High traffic is required if you want to earn well from ads.

 Earn money by promoting products: – as a blogger, you can legitimately earn money from your blog by promoting different products. It might be your product or the products of people that are close to you. If these products are well presented, they can equally generate funds for you.

Earn money by offering paid services: – you can use your blog to advertise and sell your skills. For your visitors to purchase your skills, you should be able to convince them with reasonable descriptions, what the skills will offer them and also back it up with your clients’ testimony. 


Affiliate marketing is one of the most adopted mediums to make money online. For you to be an affiliate marketer, you need to plan and figure out the niche you think you can function effectively. You seek for partners offering saleable products in that niche.

The most popular affiliate site where you can gather ideas from is clickbank.com, amazon.com among others.  Affiliate marketing involves advertising your affiliate partners’ product on your blog or social media outlet via links and each time your visitors click on this links to purchase these products, you have your own commission waiting for you.  You will need little or no investment as an affiliate marketer. All that is required of you is to get your visitors to buy through whichever medium you have provided them with.

Earning legit money will require your time, commitment and patience.  Make sure you have a strict determination before dipping your legs into it. Remember that this is not a “get rich quick tips”. Create plans for yourself and work your way around achieving them.


The 3 Core Funnels

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